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Microscopy and Moisture

09 June 2014 | 16:57 Light microscopy of Amorphous Lactose Crystallisation with humidification a) Surface adsorption 0% RH b) Bulk absorption &surface adsorption 50%RH c) Recrystallisation 60%RH d) Crystalline Material 90%RH Deliquescence of KBR crystal using light microscopy and GenRH-Mcell[/fusion_imageframe] Optical coatings Use of phase interference contrast microscopy to study Degradation of anti-reflective optical coatings [...]

Microscopy and Moisture2021-06-08T16:08:31+00:00

What is Surface Energy and Why Measure It?

12 May 2014 | 10:10am By Dr Daryl Williams Ever since our company invented a Surface Energy Analyser 2 years ago, I have been often asked the question what is surface energy? Why should I measure it and what will I learn if I do? Well really it is quite easy, it simply a way [...]

What is Surface Energy and Why Measure It?2021-06-08T16:08:31+00:00

Kinetic of Water Diffusion

29 April 2014 | 17:26 Dr Jürgen Dienstmaier Water vapor is one of the components of the Earth’s atmosphere. Although it is present in relatively small quantities when compared to other gases, it is found everywhere on the planet, even in the driest of places [1]. Hence how its presence and concentration will affect different [...]

Kinetic of Water Diffusion2021-06-08T16:08:32+00:00
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