Exclusive CRO Workshop:
Sorption Techniques as Advanced Methods for Food & Pharma Analysis

Fri 25 February 2022
9 am GMT | 10 am CET
2 hours incl. Q&A

Designed for: Contract Research Organisations

Tickets: £15

Meishan Guo
Application Scientist,
Surface Measurement Systems

Dr. Anett Kondor
iGC-SEA Product Manager,
Surface Measurement Systems

Rameez Ahmad
Sales and Business Development Manager – DACH
Surface Measurement Systems

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For Contract Research Organizations (CRO), being able to offer the most accurate, reliable, and flexible services is an essential part of the business plan. At Surface Measurement Systems we develop and manufacture the world’s leading materials characterization instrumentations, based on our own ground breaking techniques and innovations. Designed exclusively for the CRO community, this workshop will explore the characterization of various materials using our two core techniques, Dynamic Vapor Sorption and Inverse Gas Chromatography. With examples from the food & pharma industries, the latest research will be used to demonstrate the benefit these techniques offer to your customers.

You can read a brief description of the aims of this workshop and our two core techniques below:

The objective of this workshop is to demonstrate the application of vapour sorption solutions as a rapid characterisation technique that considers several environmental and industrial conditions for characterising a wide range of materials.

Inverse gas chromatography – Surface Energy Analyzer (IGC-SEA) is a versatile and highly sensitive technique that is uniquely capable of differentiating subtle changes by introducing a wide range of molecular probes (vapor) either at very low concentrations (infinite dilution regime), or at higher concentrations (finite dilution regime) to provide a comprehensive understanding of both surface and bulk properties of a material.  IGC-SEA equipped with background humidity controller would perform the experiments at a desired RH conditions to study different components of surface energy and surface heterogeneity of the samples. This study outlines the methodology to characterise the surface energy of multi-component solid pharmaceutical and food formulations, which would provide for further understanding and optimisation of multicomponent mixture properties.

Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) has been widely used for investigating the interaction of vapour with active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), excipients as well as food and pharmaceutical formulations. The moisture sorption properties of these materials are recognized as critical factors in determining their storage, stability, processing and application performance. This presentation summarises several examples of using DVS for pharmaceutical and food applications including: moisture-induced phase transitions, hydrate formation/loss, polymorph transformation and amorphous content.



with Rameez Ahmad, Surface Measurement Systems

Dynamic Vapour Sorption Applications in Development of Food and Pharmaceutical Products + Live Q&A

with Meishan Guo, Surface Measurement Systems

Surface Properties of Pharma and Food Product Materials+ Live Q&A

with Dr. Anett Kondor, Surface Measurement Systems

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