Tickets go on sale for iGC Symposium Online 2021, an event dedicated to the Inverse Gas Chromatography community taking place 17-18 February.

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, Surface Measurement Systems have chosen to reinvent the 3rd edition of the North American iGC Symposium event as a virtual conference and networking experience, bringing all the opportunities to learn, debate, and connect into the visitors’ homes and offices.

Speakers from a range of professional and academic backgrounds will present on a range of topics, covering new innovations, fresh research findings, and applications visitors can use in their work. Dr. Vibha Puri from Bristol-Myers Squibb will be exploring ‘Monitoring Annealing Behavior of a Micronized Crystalline Drug using Surface Free Energy Distribution Profiles’, while Dr. Richard J. Durand Jr. of Sun Chemical will present on the topic ‘Insight into Material Properties and Performance via Inverse Gas Chromatography’.

The topic ‘Reaction Kinetics of Surface Labeled Cellulose Nanomaterials’ will be covered by Dr. Jeremiah Woodcock from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Dr. Kristian Waters from McGill University will explore ‘Powder Characterization in Additive Manufacturing’. The full agenda is now live on the iGC Symposium website. As well as a host of presentations, the agenda will also offer live Q&A sessions with the speakers, poster sessions, and panel debates.

Following a year of restrictions on travel and face-to-face interaction, the iGC Symposium Online is dedicated to bringing the community together to reconnect, catch up, share ideas and engage in discussion, while allowing attendees to remain in the safety of their home or office. A range of networking opportunities will facilitate and encourage visitors to engage directly with each other when not attending conference sessions. These include attendee matchmaking technology, one-to-one chat messaging, live Q&A discussions, and dedicated industry/application chat rooms where researchers and scientists can engage in hot debate.

Tickets are now on sale for the iGC Symposium Online 2021. To find out more about the program, and register to attend, please go to