Learn more about DVS and iGC-SEA, watch the videos:

Webinar: Surface Energy Heterogeneity for Coating and Adhesion Applications –
The Inverse Gas Chromatography Technique

What is the difference between Inverse Gas Chromatography and Analytical Gas Chromatography

What is Surface Energy (SE)?

Speed of Sound sensor: the latest advancement on DVS

Webinar: Advanced vapor sorption applications for pharmaceutical materials: Utilization of co-adsorption isotherms and Raman spectroscopy

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Webinar: Particle Engineering in Pharmaceutical Solids Processing: Surface Energy Considerations

Introduction to the Inverse Gas Chromatography – Surface Energy Analyzer and Selected Applications

Dr Steve Page of P&G shares his works on Inverse Gas Chromatography

Dr Adam Voelkel on using iGC for determining Hansen Solubility Parameters

Dr Beata Strzemiecka on how useful iGC is in characterizing abrasive particles & composite materials

Webinar Session 1: Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) for Materials Characterization

Webinar Session 2: Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC) for Materials Characterization

The Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) Method at Work

The Latest Developments in Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS)