DVS Resolution

DVS Resolution

Dual Vapor Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer

The world’s most advanced DVS Instrument, DVS Resolution is a dual vapor gravimetric analyser, with key feature, is the combined ability to precisely control and measure temperature and relative humidity while recording the highest resolution changes in mass. DVS Resolution uses a dry carrier gas typically nitrogen or compressed air for its operation. Digital mass flow controllers regulate flows of dry and saturated gases.

Relative humidity is generated by precisely mixing dry and saturated gas flows in desired flow ratios which produce expected relative humidity. In a typical experiment a known concentration of water vapor is delivered over a sample placed inside the sample pan connected to the Surface Measurement Systems UltraBalance™ measuring realtime mass changes caused by sorption or desorption of water molecules. Prior to sorption measurements, the sample can be in-situ preheated/dried at temperatures of up to 200 oC.

Additionally, the sample chamber and water vapor generation are at thermal equilibrium in a single temperature enclosure allowing for operation over the entire temperature range (5-85°C) without risk of condensation.

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Outstanding performance

Long Term Temperature Stability

  • Vapor generation and delivery at sample temperature
  • Typical stability at 25 °C is ±0.2 °C
  • Prevents condensation issues found in instruments with multiple temperature zones
  • Allows for accurate and stable humidity delivery

Humidity Performance

  • Highest level of humidity precision in any instrument we’ve ever produced

Balance Baseline Stability over 24 hours

  • Mass changes at a resolution of 0.1 μg
  • Root mean square noise of ≤ 0.3 μg
  • Ultrabalance Low Mass
    Maximum load: 1000 mg
    Mass change: ±150 mg
    Resolution: 0.01 μg
    Balance noise: ≤ 0.3 μg
  • Ultrabalance High Mass
    Maximum load: 5000 mg
    Mass change: ±1000 mg
    Resolution: 0.1 μg
    Balance noise: ≤ 3 μg

True0 RH

  • Only DVS instrument offering True0 RH
  • Achieve partial pressures of water as low as 0.0% RH
  • Study of hydrates and other compounds only completely dry below 1% RH
  • Allows investigation of sorption/desorption at low RH levels
Key measuring capabilities:
  • Water, organic solvent, and gas sorption and desorption isotherms
  • Co-adsorption isotherms using two vapors
  • Optional in-situ sample preheating/drying to 200 °C
  • Multiple sorption/desorption and sample drying or activation cycles
  • Sample masses from 1 mg to 5000 mg
  • Surface and bulk measurement capabilities and analyses
Key hardware benefits:
  • Only system to measure organic vapor partial pressure directly using Ultrasonic Sensor (patent pending)
  • Open stainless steel stand design enabling easy access to sample pan while minimizing static electric charging
  • Broad range (5-85 °C) and single uniform and accurate temperature enclosure
  • Next generation control and evaluation software for the most advanced experimental design and data analysis
  • Capable of upgrading to 5 balances
  • Optional IR, Raman and Video imaging with integrated control software
Raman Spectroscopy

  • Fully integrated hardware/software solution for triggering and capturing Raman spectra during sorption experiments
  • Allows for a more complete understanding of vapor-solid interactions for materials

Optional Microscopy and Video

  • Optional 5 megapixel color camera
  • 200x optical zoom
  • Images have time-date-temperature humidity stamps
  • Grid overlay and calibration for measuring dimensional change

High Temperature Preheater for Drying, Curing and Vapor Generation at Elevated Temperatures

  • In-situ degassing/activation of samples up to 200 °C
  • The temperature is measured by Pt100 directly below sample pan

DVS Resolution Schematic

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