Instrument Software

I. DVS Software

Next generation purpose built instrument control and data analysis software for the most advanced experimental design and data analysis.

DVS control software

The DVS control software provides complete system control, allowing the user to easily design, edit and run automatic or manual vapor sorption experiments.

Special features include:

  • Multiple-method protocols incorporating sample pre-heating and temperature changes during an experiment
  • Ramp or step changes in relative humidity
  • Humidity or temperature stages may be based on fixed-time or user-defined dm/dt criteria
  • Isotherm and isoactivity experiments
  • Experiments may include half, full or multiple partial pressure or temperature cycles
  • Create sequences which allow multiple experiments to be executed one after another
  • Simple data export and analysis can be performed without interruption of experiments
  • Network data backup functionality is also included

DVS data analysis suite

The DVS data analysis suite of macros, which runs from within Microsoft Excel®, provides a powerful environment for rapid data processing and one-click report generation.

The suite of Macros consists of the following:

  • Plot manager
  • Isotherm manager
  • Baseline correction
  • Vapor content offset
  • Salt validation calibration
  • Partial pressure check
  • Drift and noise check
  • DVS method report

II. iGC-SEA Software

iGC-SEA Control Software

The iGC-SEA Control software is a user-friendly, intuitive software facilitating the set-up of a wide variety of experiments encompassing temperature variation, change of probe molecules, flow rates, and background humidity. On-the-fly method and sequence editing allow real-time changes. Also, wizard-based sample set-up and method development minimise method development.

iGC-SEA Analysis Software

The iGC-SEA Standard software package allows real-time data analysis. Automated peak and data analysis significantly reduces data processing time. The SEA Standard software package allows for the determination of various thermodynamic parameters including:

  • Surface Energy
  • Surface Energy Heterogeneity Mapping
  • Free Energy of Desorption

Please contact us if you have older versions of software and wish to upgrade, or if you have particular requirements and would like to discuss them.