We offer contract analysis at the PTA laboratory in Munich

Surface Measurement Systems offer contract analysis at the Particle Testing Authority (PTA), Micromeritics’ ISO17025 accredited contract testing laboratory in Munich, Germany.

The laboratory is equipped with DVS Resolution and DVS Vacuum instruments and accepts contract analysis for pharmaceuticals, foods, biopharmaceuticals, polymers, zeolites/metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), petrochemicals, fine chemicals and catalysts.

DVS Vacuum

Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) Vacuum

For more information, please contact:

Contract analysis enquiries
Nektaria Servi ([email protected])

DVS and iGC applications
Dr. Majid Naderi ([email protected])

PTA general enquiries
Greg Thiele ([email protected])
Heiko Sievers ([email protected])

PTA laboratory and analysis
Evelyn Brosch ([email protected])
Lillian Arbenz ([email protected])

PTA scientific applications (Physisorption)
Katharina Peikert ([email protected])

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