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Dr. Damiano Cattaneo

Senior Instrumentation Scientist

Dr. Damiano Cattaneo is the Senior Instrumentation Scientist and DVS Product Manager for Complex Solids at Surface Measurement Systems. Damiano obtained his PhD in Chemistry (Material Science) at the University of St Andrews (UK) in December 2015. His research project was focused on using porous materials for biomedical applications. Specifically, he investigated the development of porous coordination polymers (MOFs, COFs and Porous Organic Cages) and Zeolites as gas and drug delivery systems for biomedical devices. Dr Cattaneo has a Masters degree in Medicinal Chemistry (Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies) from Università degli Studi di Milano (IT). During the last year of his Masters degree he also worked as a researcher on drug discovery and total synthesis of anti-Parkinson drugs (inhibitor of muscarinic receptors) at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences “Pietro Pratesi” (Milan, Italy).

Since joining SMS in 2016, he has worked on the development of advanced in-situ experimental surface science techniques using molecules as probes for studying catalysts, zeolites, MOFs, polymers, pharmaceuticals, composites and cement materials under relevant industrial conditions. Dr Cattaneo has also helped with the development, testing and launch of the new DVS Adventure, Resolution and Endeavour products.

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