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Dr. Vladimir Martis

DVS Product Manager & DVS Vacuum Specialist

Vladimir is the DVS Product Manager and Vacuum Product Specialist for Surface Measurement Systems. He received his Master’s degree in Materials Engineering from Trencin University of Alexander Dubcek, Slovakia in 2004. He received his engineering doctorate degree (EngD) in Molecular Modeling and Materials Simulation from Chemistry department, University College London in 2012. The thesis title: “Synchrotron radiation studies of multicomponent metal oxides.”

Since joining SMS in 2013, he has continued working on the development of advanced in-situ experimental surface science techniques using molecules as probes instead of X-rays for studying catalysts, zeolites, MOFs, polymers, freeze and spray dried materials, composites and glasses under relevant industrial conditions. Vladimir has authored several papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented at several international conferences.

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