Marketing Team Continues to Grow & Innovate SMS Campaigns

Surface Measurement Systems is going through so many exciting changes at the moment, from the development of new instruments to the opening of new offices. Among the many things currently going on across the global business, the Marketing Team has been going through plenty of their own changes. We wanted to share with you what the marketing team has been up to this year.

The Marketing Team Grows

The Marketing Team at SMS has been going through a lot of changes over the last 2 years. After being assigned to the care of Daniel Villalobos, Global Business Development, John Dowd was brought in to replace a departing Zen Limuco as Marketing Team Leader. We then became a fully-fledged Marketing Team earlier this year with the addition of Taylor Yoder. Fresh from getting her degree, but already with no shortage of experience in several Marketing Roles, Taylor’s deft hand at design and keen head for project management had an immediate effect, and really enabled the team to deliver on some of the key initiatives you will read about later in this article.

Symposium’s taken virtual

With restrictions forcing SMS to postpone the live editions of the European Soprtion Symposium and North American iGC Sympsoium, the two live events organised were taken online. The marketing team worked closely with the sales and science departments to deliver both company Symposia in the virtual space, enabling the global sorption community to come together to reconnect, share insights, and get up-to-date on the latest research and case studies. The North American iGC Symposium Online was delivered on 17 & 18 February, and the European Sorption Science Symposium 2021 Online took place on 22 & 23 September. You can find out more about the most recent event here.

Revitalized Branding

With Taylor joining the team, we had the opportunity to revitalize our company branding and bring a fresh new look to our marketing collateral. Affecting our website, flyers, Science Directories, social media posts, event promotion, and more, Taylor has utilized SMS’ branding to create a bold new look for the company that brings us up-to-date with current styles, and makes us stand out wherever we go.

eLearning Portal Nearing Launch

The Marketing Team have been working closely with science, operations, production, I.T and account teams to prepare for the launch of the SMS Online Portal, a new online hub designed specifically for customers and research partners across the world. Offering a one-stop resource for sorption science, users will be able to access a range of eLearning courses, order additional parts and consumables for their experiments, and place support requests with our customer service and science team.

A special thank you to Taylor Yoder and Edward Amin, who have been working diligently the last 6 months to coordinate, prepare, and build a great eLearning Platform, and to all the members of the team who worked hard to supply the content for the portal.

Relaunch of the Sorption Bulletin Series

As part of our drive to diversify how we communicate the value of our company and brand to the market, we have relaunched the Sorption Bulletin Series. A great way to gain new subscribers and broadcast the varied and valuable work this company does, this relaunch started with a collection of historical study references in the form of the Sorption Directory 2019. This has been followed this month by the release of the latest iGC Bulletin, a collection of all relevant iGC studies from the last 6 months.

You can view the latest publication here.

A year in trailers

With the world opening back up, we wanted to make sure we could introduce our instruments to new customers with a bang. One of our central projects in doing this is creating a promo trailer for each of our products. Starting with the newly-released DVS Discovery, we have now created trailers for the DVS Intrinsic PLUS, and the iGC-SEA. Whether they’re playing on an exhibition stand, or being shown during a sales meeting, these will be useful tools for catching the eye of the customer, and demonstrating the value of our product.

You can view the trailers here.