SMS London Nears Completion of New Manufacturing Space

With the big expansion of Surface Measurement Systems London into a whole new Unit, the company is taking an exciting step to expand its manufacturing capability and R&D potential. With work in the Unit nearing completion, we wanted to share a word from our Global Director of Operations, Giles Matthews, on how the project is going:

“Our new manufacturing facility is almost ready for us to move in. As you can see from the photos, we are creating a new and exciting space to allow us to fulfil our goals to build instruments that we can with confidence say are made to a quality that will make our business truly “World leaders in sorption science”.

The space has been designed to allow us to not only manufacture instruments but sub-assemblies as well, giving us control of our own supply chain. This allows us to focus on improvements we can make with much faster input from R&D and our product managers. A focus on quality will be driven by checks managed in Odoo all the way through the manufacturing process, and finally in to our dedicated Quality Control area. The way we manufacture will change to provide other benefits including greatly reduced lead times for the majority of our products, giving our sales team an extra weapon in their armory.

Systems Manufacturing (Before & After)

Component Manufacturing (Before & After)

The added bonus to this means that we can now also provide R&D a dedicated area they can work in at Unit 5. This will add to their ability to provide new products and solutions faster and well tested before they enter production.

Space for training engineers and our production team has been a historical issue that we have resolved with a dedicated training room. We should soon be able to welcome both internal and service partner teams so we can trasnform them into truly manufacturer-trained engineers, enhancing the offering to our customers.

Component Manufacturing (Before & After)

Unit 4 Office Space (Before & After)

The focus is on quality, and we are following the basic principles of process improvement, product improvement, quality assurance and quality control. Along with the continued upskilling of our team, we will be able to meet the high standards we are setting for ourselves.

This is a very exciting time and of course we will give you all a virtual guided tour once completed.”

Giles Matthews, Surface Measurement Systems