(In-person only, Hamburg) The power of DVS and IGC for Industrial and Academic Applications

Tue 28 November 2023
10:00 am CET
3 hours

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Technische Universität Hamburg
Eißendorfer Str. 38 (Gebäude O)
21073 Hamburg

Different characterisation methods may be used to measure the important parameters in the handling and performance of materials. Some of these methods are destructive and require a complete understanding of the chemical structure or composition of the materials under investigation and often lead to inaccurate results. In contrast, vapor sorption techniques have been specifically designed to predict the behaviour of materials at realistic conditions. For example, the increase in sorption properties can be used to predict the yield of biofuel production.

This in-person workshop will explore vapor sorption techniques, the instruments, and some examples of their application to a range of materials including food and pharmaceuticals, polymers, biopolymers, fuel cell membranes, inorganic porous solids and packaging materials. With an opportunity to engage our speakers directly, a dedicated lab tour to see these techniques in action, and complimentary food & drink, this is a great chance to elevate your sorption science knowledge, gain practical insight, and network with peers in the field. Register free today.


Dr. Vittorio Cappello
Technical Sales Manager Austria and North East Germany, Surface Measurement Systems


Connor Hewson
Application Scientist, Surface Measurement Systems


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