Hybrid Workshop:
Measuring Material Vapour Pressure Properties Using Advanced Sorption Techniques

Wednesday 15th February 2023
10:00 am CET | 9:00 am GMT
2 hours incl. Q&A (Online)
3 hours incl. Coffee break, Lunch, & Lab Tour (In-person)

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Dr. Klaus Tröster
ASG Analytik
-Service AG

Dr. Paul Iacomi
Surface Measurement Systems

Thomas Schmid
Surface Measurement Systems

Workshop partner:

We are excited to announce this new hybrid workshop, organised in coordination with ASG Analytik-Service AG (ASG). Taking place both in-person at ASG’s facility in Neusaess, Germany, and online as a webinar, the workshop will present recent research from both ASG and Surface Measurement Systems. When determining the uses and properties of oils, lubricants, seals, and VOCs, detail knowledge of vapor pressure is vital for reasons of both function and safety. The speakers at this workshop will explore their work in this area, detailing the techniques, instruments, and findings in their research into vapor pressure.

As well as featuring new research & case studies from leading global thought leaders in materials characterisation, attendees can also engage the speakers in a live Q&A. Those attending in-person will be treated to a networking coffee beforehand, a free lunch, and a guided tour of the lab facilities at ASG. This is a unique opportunity to gain insight from leader global thought leaders, and to connect with peers working in your field. Sign up free now!

This session will include topics covering:

  • Lubricants
  • Biogenic Fuels
  • Fossil Fuels


Join us to begin with a welcome coffee and network with other peers working in this field.

A brief introduction into Surface Measurement Systems, our history, our instruments, and a quick look at the agenda for the workshop.

with Thomas Schmid, Surface Measurement Systems

In this sessions, Dr. Klaus Tröster will give attendees a brief welcome to ASG Analytik, and take them through the different areas of the business and the research they conduct. Then, Dr. Tröster will explore the special methods they employ in vapor pressure measurement research, such as HFRR under pressure and density measurement at 1400 bar.

with Dr. Klaus Tröster, ASG Analytik-Service AG

Vapor pressure (P0) is an important material physical property that defines the amount of substance that exists in the gaseous state at equilibrium with the original material. All materials have a vapor phase, where molecules enter by sublimation (solid – gas) or evaporation (liquid – gas). The P0 of a material at thermodynamic equilibrium is a fundamental property of the material and is only a function of temperature.

Knowledge of accurate vapour pressures is crucial, in order to estimate industrially relevant parameters such as potential for flammability and toxicity, or to determine of storage conditions. However, accurate measurement of vapour pressures of unknown solid or liquid substances can be challenging.

The SMS Vapor Pressure Analyzer, or VPA, accurately measures the vapor pressures of solids, liquids and oils using the Knudsen effusion method. Here we will explain the basics of this powerful method, and its applicability ranges. This will be followed by examples for the P0 of various liquids and solids like oils, sealants, pesticides, and other relevant chemicals.

with Dr. Paul Iacomi, Surface Measurement Systems

— LUNCH — (In-person only)

In-person attendees will be able to take a guided tour of the ASG Analytic laboratory to see how research is conducted and analysed.

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