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Application Note 38
Determination of Mesopore Size Distribution by Organic Vapour Sorption
Application Note 39
Measuring Moisture Sorption and Diffusion Kinetics on Proton Exchange Membranes Using the DVS
Application Note 40
Using the DVS to Study the Water Sorption Properties of Multi-Component Systems
Application Note 41
Using the DVS to Study the Formation of Solvates (in preparation)
Application Note 42
Using the DVS to Investigate Moisture-Induced Crystallization Kinetics
Application Note 43
Determination of Surface Energetics of Mineral Aggregates Used in Asphalt by DVS
Application Note 44
Determining Amorphous Contents without a Standard:Hydrate/Solvate Stoichiometry
Application Note 45
Investigation of Desolvation Kinetics Using the DVS
Application Note 46
Combining Raman Spectroscopy with Gravimetric Vapour Sorption Analysis for Pharmaceutical Materials


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