Recent Technological Advances in Adsorption-Based Direct Air Capture

Wed 29 November 2023
14:00 GMT | 15:00 CET | 9:00 EST
2 hours (incl. Q&A)

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In the fight against climate change, DAC has emerged as a promising solution to remove carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, offering a sustainable pathway to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. This free-to-attend webinar brings together leading experts in the field who will explore the latest advancements in DAC technology, with a particular focus on the role of adsorption processes.

Researchers from Imperial College London will discuss recent findings and key technological considerations for advancing Direct Air Capture (DAC) through adsorption. This will be followed by a presentation from Dr. Paul Iacomi, Product Manager of DVS Carbon, who will provide detailed practical case studies showcasing DAC in action using advanced sorption instrumentation.

All speakers will be present for Live Q&A and open roundtable discussion after the main agenda. This session is free to attend, so seize the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of Carbon Capture and gain insights from leading researchers in this dynamic field.

Full agenda:
Key Technological Considerations for the Advancement of Adsorption-Based Direct Air Capture

Speakers: Hassan Azzan, Lucy Barton, Ashlyn Low, Prof. Camille Petit, Imperial College London
View abstract >>

Influence of humidity on CO2 solid sorbent performance: insights and challenges
Speaker: Dr. Paul Iacomi, Surface Measurement Systems
View Abstract >>

Round Table Discussion

Dr. Paul Iacomi
Surface Measurement Systems

Hassan Azzan
Imperial College London

Lucy Barton
Imperial College London

Ashlyn Low
Imperial College London


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