DVS Vacuum – Gravimetric gas/vapor sorption vacuum analyzer

The world’s most versatile Vacuum DVS for the measurement of kinetics and physisorption isotherms of Zeolites, MOFs, COFs, Carbons, and composite materials.

The DVS Vacuum is designed for single and multicomponent vapor/gas sorption analysis, supporting static and dynamic experiments. The system’s key features are precise control and measurement of temperature and pressure while recording the changes in sample mass using high-resolution UltraBalance.

DVS Vacuum uses a vacuum produced by a combination of roughing and turbomolecular pumps for its operation – in-situ outgassing of samples up to 400 °C and water or organic vapors generation at the set temperature. The vacuum chamber including the sample, pressure transducers, vapor/gas delivery system, and solvent flasks are at thermal equilibrium in a single temperature enclosure allowing smooth operation over the entire temperature range (20-70 °C) without risk of condensation. The system introduces partial pressures of water or organic solvent under a vacuum to minimize their impact on the structure of a material. The analyzer measures true water or organic vapor sorption isotherms without unnecessary interference from a carrier gas. In addition, it allows us to study the drying kinetics of pharmaceutical powders.


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