Surface Area of Pharmaceutical Ingredients at Real World Conditions by Inverse Gas Chromatography

Thu 26 October 2023
15:00 BST | 16:00 CEST | 10:00 EDT | 19:30 IST
1 hour incl. Q&A

Join this upcoming webinar to discover new insights and research into the vital property of Surface Area, and it’s measurement and analysis in the development of pharmaceutical materials, featuring a world-leading expert on Sorption Science, Dr. Daniel J. Burnett (Vice President, Surface Measurement Systems).

Surface area is a commonly measured property of pharmaceutical powders/particles/granules. Traditional surface area measurements are typically performed using volumetric Nitrogen or Krypton sorption isotherms. These measurements must be performed at cryogenic temperatures and under high vacuum.  For many organic solids, biomaterials, and polymers, these conditions can artificially induce structural and phase changes. 

Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) is another sorption technique that can routinely measure surface area for a wider range of materials.  Unlike volumetric techniques, IGC surface area measurements do not require high vacuum and can be performed at ambient temperatures.  In addition, IGC can measure surface areas at controlled relative humidity conditions.  For these reasons, IGC can directly determine surface areas of pharmaceutical ingredients at relevant storage and processing conditions.  Also, surface areas can be determined without exposing the sample to pressures and temperatures that may induced irreversible structural changes. 

In this review presentation, several case studies focused on measuring the surface areas of pharmaceutical and organic materials will be introduced.  Work will be highlighted by recent investigations from SMS, as well as a review of previously published work from other groups. Register free now!

Dan-Burnet SLT profile

Dr. Dan Burnett
Vice President, Surface Measurement Systems


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