Novel Research on Applications of Surface Energy Analysis

Tue 24 May 2022
1 hour

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The Importance of Surface Energy and Wettability in Biomaterials with Dr. Daniel J. Burnett

Surface energy is an important parameter for the characterization of surface properties. It can provide a useful picture of the energetic situation on the surface and shows a strong dependency on various macroscopic material properties. For example, it is directly related to the interfacial adhesion between two surfaces. In particular to biomaterials understanding the surface interactions of these materials becomes important as these could influence their biological reactivity, binding or adsorption interactions in different bioprocesses as well as the functionality of several biomolecules. In this review presentation, several case studies focused on measuring the surface energy and wettability of proteins, bioglasses, bone cements, and dental materials will be introduced. Work is highlighted by recent investigations from the authors. In particular, the surface energy as a function of relative humidity was investigated on proteins and glycine oligomers. In addition, previously published work from other groups will be introduced.

Surface Energy and Surface Area Studies on Pharmaceutical Powders using Inverse Gas Chromatography with Prof. Daryl Williams


The surface characterization of pharmaceutical powders is critical for many of the unit processes which occur with the manufacture of particulate based solid state dosage forms. In particular, the surface energy and the surface area are arguably the most important two surface property descriptors. This presentation illustrates how IGC can be used to measure the surface area of low surface areas pharmaceutical solids, including the surface area as a function of relative humidity. In the main part of this talk, the wide range of unit processes will be highlighted where the importance of powder surface energy can be demonstrated including granulation, powder flow, powder milling and dissolution. In particular the usefulness of surface energy heterogeneity mapping using IGC will be highlighted.


Prof. Daryl Williams
Founder & MD, Surface Measurement Systems


Dr. Daniel J. Burnett
Vice President, Surface Measurement Systems NA


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