Shelf-life Assessment of Food Products by Dynamic Vapour Sorption

Tue 2 June 2020
1 hours incl. Q&A

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The moisture sorption properties of food materials are fundamental considerations for the development and enhancement of food products since they may influence the stability and performance during processing, storage, and product use and this is especially true for food products that can take up a high amount of water.

Shelf-life assessment is of great importance to the food industry as food ingredients can spoil due to exposure to humidity. Similarly, excessive drying may lead to materials instability as well as improper packing techniques which can cause the food products to react with oxygen.

This webinar presented how Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) technique may be used to rapidly assess the sorption isotherms and the kinetics of moisture loss and drying of various materials in order to predict materials stability. Case studies and sample experiments were also presented.

Meishan Guo

Meishan Guo
Application Scientist
Surface Measurement Systems


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