The Isosteric Heat of Adsorption and Competitive Co adsorption of H₂O with CO₂ on Zeolites

Thu 23 April 2020
1 hours incl. Q&A

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In this webinar, Dr. Vladimir Martis highlighted Gravimetric Dynamic Vacuum Vapor Sorption Analyzer (DVS Vacuum) that is employed to measure water adsorption/desorption isotherms in a broad temperature range to calculate the isosteric heat of adsorption as well as competitive co-adsorption of CO2 with H2O.

Since joining Surface Measurement Systems in 2013, Dr. Vladimir Martis has continued working on the development of advanced in-situ experimental surface science techniques using molecules as probes instead of X-rays for studying catalysts, zeolites, MOFs, polymers, freeze and spray dried materials, composites and glasses under relevant industrial conditions. Vladimir has authored several papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented at several international conferences.

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Dr. Vladimir Martis
Product Manager
Surface Measurement Systems


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