Understanding Isotherm Shape and Isotherm Modelling from DVS Experiments

Tue 18 August 2020
1 hours incl. Q&A

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Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) instruments are commonly used to measure sorption isotherms on a diverse array of materials, including powders, fibers, films, particulates, and other solid surfaces.

These isotherms can be obtained with various gases and vapors over a wide range of temperatures. Isotherm size, shape and hysteresis can elucidate mechanistic information about vapor/gas-solid interactions. Further, by applying the correct isotherm models, it is possible to determine additional material properties, such as surface areas, monolayer capacities, micro- and meso-porosity, and sorption enthalpies. This educational and informational webinar focuses on the interpretation of isotherm attributes and the application of various surface and bulk isotherm models.


Dr. Daniel Burnett
Vice President
Surface Measurement Systems NA


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