Polymer characterization by Vapor Sorption Methods

Tue 6 April 2021
1 hours incl. Q&A

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This session will explore well-established vapor sorption techniques of Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) and Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC). With a focus on applications, the webinar delves into the physicochemical characterization capabilities offered by the DVS and IGC, specific to polymers and films.

In particular to IGC, practical examples and case studies are given that cover a wide range of relevant problems, including surface energetics, wetting behavior, composite adhesion/cohesion phenomena, solubility parameters, and glass transitions.

Related to DVS, examples, and case studies are reviewed that provide insight into moisture sorption properties, drying kinetics, vapor-induced phase changes, and vapor diffusion/permeability studies. Also, the hypenization of the DVS with video microscopy and Raman spectroscopy is discussed including examples on relevant materials.


Dr. Daniel Burnett
Vice President
Surface Measurement Systems NA


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