Workshop: Measuring Material Vapour Pressure Properties Using Advanced Sorption Technique

Wed 15 February 2023
9:00 am GMT
1 hour

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This workshop presents recent research from both ASG Analytik-Service AG (ASG) and Surface Measurement Systems.

When determining the uses and properties of oils, lubricants, seals, and VOCs, detailed knowledge of vapor pressure is vital for reasons of both function and safety. The speakers at this workshop explore their work in this area, detailing the techniques, instruments, and findings in their research into vapor pressure.

As well as featuring new research & case studies from leading global thought leaders in materials characterization, attendees also engaged with the speakers in a live Q&A. This was a unique opportunity to gain insight from global thought leaders, and engage with top scientists in your field.

Paul Iacomi headshot

Dr. Paul Iacomi
Senior Product Specialist


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