Workshop: Sorption Techniques as Advanced Methods for Food & Pharma Analysis

Fri 25 February 2022
2 hours

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For Contract Research Organizations (CRO), being able to offer the most accurate, reliable, and flexible services is an essential part of the business plan. At Surface Measurement Systems we develop and manufacture the world’s leading materials characterization instrumentations, based on our own ground breaking techniques and innovations. Designed exclusively for the CRO community, this workshop will explore the characterization of various materials using our two core techniques, Dynamic Vapor Sorption and Inverse Gas Chromatography. With examples from the food & pharma industries, the latest research will be used to demonstrate the benefit these techniques offer to your customers.

This workshop demonstrates the application of vapour sorption solutions as a rapid characterisation technique that considers several environmental and industrial conditions for characterising a wide range of materials.

Anett resized

Dr. Anett Kondor
iGC Product Manager

Meishan Guo

Meishan Guo
Technical and Application Support Manager


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