The world’s most versatile Vacuum DVS for the measurement of kinetics and physisorption isotherms of Zeolites, MOFs, COFs, Carbons, and composite materials.

The DVS Vacuum is designed for single and multicomponent vapor/gas sorption analysis, supporting static and dynamic experiments. The system’s key features are precise control and measurement of temperature and pressure while recording the changes in sample mass using high-resolution UltraBalance.

DVS Vacuum uses a vacuum produced by a combination of roughing and turbomolecular pumps for its operation – in-situ outgassing of samples up to 400 °C and water or organic vapors generation at the set temperature. The vacuum chamber including the sample, pressure transducers, vapor/gas delivery system, and solvent flasks are at thermal equilibrium in a single temperature enclosure allowing smooth operation over the entire temperature range (20-70 °C) without risk of condensation. The system introduces partial pressures of water or organic solvent under a vacuum to minimize their impact on the structure of a material. The analyzer measures true water or organic vapor sorption isotherms without unnecessary interference from a carrier gas. In addition, it allows us to study the drying kinetics of pharmaceutical powders.

DVS Adventure is a water vapor sorption analyzer that measures sorption and desorption isotherms over various humidities and temperatures. It offers unprecedented temperature stability and humidity performance. It provides valuable information about the interactions of a sample with water vapor, which is critical for developing new materials and processes. For example, in many industries, water sorption properties of raw materials are considered key parameters in determining their storage, stability, processing, and application performance.

DVS Resolution is a dual vapor gravimetric analyzer, with key feature, is the combined ability to precisely control and measure temperature and relative humidity while recording the highest resolution changes in mass. DVS Resolution uses a dry carrier gas typically nitrogen or compressed air for its operation. Digital mass flow controllers regulate flows of dry and saturated gases.

Relative humidity is generated by precisely mixing dry and saturated gas flows in desired flow ratios which produce expected relative humidity. In a typical experiment, a known concentration of water vapor is delivered over a sample placed inside the sample pan connected to the Surface Measurement Systems UltraBalance™ measuring real-time mass changes caused by sorption or desorption of water molecules. Prior to sorption measurements, the sample can be in-situ preheated/dried at temperatures of up to 200 C.

Meet the newest addition to the Surface Measurement Systems Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) instrument range – the DVS Discovery. This innovative dual-balance gravimetric sorption analyzer brings together great features of the DVS range with higher throughput for a powerful new offering.

By combining an innovative dual balance design with outstanding vapor generation and temperature control, the DVS Discovery offers increased high throughput. With the ability to run two samples simultaneously, researchers can greatly reduce operator time with no sacrifice to the accuracy and detail of the data. Along with a range of modular capabilities, and its ability to run water & organic solvents, the DVS Discovery is a high-spec machine that is a great option for labs of any size.

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The DVS Intrinsic Plus is the smallest automated DVS for complex water sorption challenges from Surface Measurement Systems. The Intrinsic Plus was designed to meet the needs of the small to mid-sized laboratories and plants. It combines ease of use with a low capital investment and maintenance burden.

The system incorporates the SMS Ultrabalance, and industry leading electronics. The user interface combined with the step-by-step software wizards yield high performance with minimal operator training. The unit’s small footprint makes optimal use of limited benchtop space.

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The iGC-SEA continues Surface Measurement Systems’ pioneering history with inverse gas chromatography (iGC), which now spans more than fifteen years. The iGC-SEA is a second-generation iGC instrument.

It is the world’s only commercial instrument based on the iGC principle. The unique SMS injection scheme provides a wide range of injection concentrations with unrivaled accuracy and reproducibility.

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