Our instruments

DVS Carbon

The DVS Carbon is the world’s first purpose-built gravimetric sorption analzer for carbon capture, storage, & utilization (CCUS) applications.

DVS Intrinsic PLUS

An Entry-level instrument for complex water sorption analysis, the DVS Intrinsic PLUS is the world’s most compact automated Dynamic Vapor Sorption instrument.

DVS Adventure

The DVS Adventure is the world’s most advanced and versatile sorption analyzer specifically designed for basic and complex moisture/water Vapor applications.

DVS Resolution

Conduct detailed sorption analysis using water and organic vapor to understand a range of complex behaviors with the world’s best-selling DVS instrument.

DVS Discovery

Conduct simultaneous vapor or organic gas sorption analysis with the world’s most advanced dual-balance gravimetric vapor sorption instrument.

DVS Endeavour

Conduct 5x simultaneous analysis with the DVS Endeavour, combining the highest throughput with a diverse range of accessories and capabilities.

DVS Vacuum

Measure kinetics and physiosorption isotherms of Zeolites, MOFs, COFs, Carbons, and Composites with the world’s only Vacuum Dynamic Vapor Sorption instrument.



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